The Pebble and the Avalanche

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Current Revolutions in Business and Technology

by Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky,

author of The Pebble and The Avalanche: How Taking Things Apart Creates Revolutions


Fri, 2006-Feb-10, 13:22

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The Dissaggregated Photo Album

I have photos in my digital camera, my cell phone, and on two computers. Vizrea unifies these photo albums: no matter what device I use, I can get the same view of all my photos — well, except fo the digital camera, which isn't in the pool of devices. Regardless, Vizrea is attempting to disaggregate photos from various photo-taking and photo-storage devices, the same way I discuss disaggregating name/address/contact information from various devices to create a unified view.

Note: I left a reference out of my original post. This entry was based in large part on a review by Mossberg in The Wall Street Journal.

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