The Pebble and the Avalanche

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Current Revolutions in Business and Technology

by Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky,

author of The Pebble and The Avalanche: How Taking Things Apart Creates Revolutions


Thu, 2010-May-27, 08:04

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Apple and Applications

I don't own an iPod, iPad, or iPhone because I object strongly to Apple's control over the devices. Apple simply won't let you put any application you like onto the device; they can even magically erase applications you've bought and paid for.

Of course this relates to disaggregation of ownership and authority. Google's Android phone — which allows anyone to not only create applications but even to manufacture the phone itself — poses a huge challenge to Apple. I've got an Android phone, and while I miss some of the applications that appear only on the iPhone, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and support the disaggregated, open platform.

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