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by Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky,

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Thu, 2010-Jul-08, 05:08

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US Cyber Command

I personally find any product or service to be less believable when the prefix "cyber" is applied; as someone who works in high technology, to me the term smacks of decades-old terminology and attitudes, used by ignorant marketing executives who are ignorant of technology but desparately want to sound modern and up to date. The US "Cyber Command" falls into the category of distrusted services.

I've just seen this thoroughly unbelievable assertion in the Wall Street Journal:

Intelligence officials have met with utilities' CEOs and those discussions convinced them of the gravity of the threat against U.S. infrastructure, an industry specialist said, but the CEOs concluded they needed better threat information and guidance on what to do in the event of a major cyber attack.
Frankly, I find it very hard indeed to believe — given the Obama Administration's blundering, dithering, and outright obstructionism in the Gulf oil spill — that any CEO would look to this administration, or any other government agency, for instructions on how to respond to a security attack. That is, of course, unless the authorities require them to do so...

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