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Thu, 2010-Oct-21, 08:15

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Presentation at ITExpo East

I partipated on this panel back in February. The book which we created after this panel can be downloaded for free.

Cloud Communications Summit: CEBP Fundamentals from Twilio on Vimeo.

Thu, 2010-Mar-18, 06:50

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Cloud Communications: State of the Art 2010

Nineteen other experts and I published an e-book on Cloud Communications called Cloud Communications 2010: State of the Art. The download is free. My essay is called "Russian Military Maskirovka: Lessons for Pervasive Communications."

The editor and instigator of the book is Thomas Howe. This book is an offshoot of his work on the Cloud Communications Summit at ITExpo in January 2010.

Mon, 2010-Feb-08, 08:20

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"Speech in the User Interface" Published

Bill Meisel informs me that Speech in the User Iterface: Lessons from Experience has been published and will appear on Amazon shortly. The book consists of a compilation of essays from industry experts on, well, speech in the user interface.

I have an essay in this book, and I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's.

Thu, 2010-Jan-14, 08:33

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Cloud Communications Summit at ITExpo

I see that I've managed to neglect something important: Cloud Communications Summit at ITExpo. I'll be speaking at 10 AM about "Communications Enabled Business Process Fundamentals." And since the Summit is in Miami Beach, Florida, you'll get to look out the window at the warm sunshine while shivering in the air conditioning.

The Cloud Communications Summit is the brainchild of Thomas Howe, who knows this stuff backwards and forwards. There will be an eBook of short essays on the topic published when the conference is over; I'll have an essay (tentatively) entitled "Consistent Communications: Lessons from Russian Military Intelligence."

Tue, 2009-Nov-10, 08:00

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Talk at SpeechTek

My talk at SpeechTek is now available online at my "channel" on

As for why I haven't been updating the blog lately, let's just say that work has been both exciting and exhausting over the past several months.

Wed, 2009-Aug-12, 09:07

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Video Available: "VoIP: Is It More Than Just a Terrible Mistake?"

Although the idea is very popular, multi-tasking is actually a myth. When you do two or more things "at once," you're actually switching from task to task in a linear fashion. If you're a knowledge worker, this lack of focus and concentration — "flow" — will decrease your productivity. And that's not a mere assertion: that's science.

In a keynote address to Cluecon 2009 (video here), a conference for Voice over IP ("VoIP," otherwise known as Internet Telephony) developers, I discuss the problems associated with VoIP. In particular, VoIP makes it possible to put telephones into all sorts of locations, including light switches and car keys. Given that phones interrupt our concentration, and interrupting our concentration reduces our productivity, can VoIP ever be more than just a terrible mistake? (The answer, by the way, is a somewhat-qualified "yes.")

Thu, 2009-Jul-23, 09:20

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The American Society of Business Publication Editors, Northeast region, had their annual awards ceremony last night. I'm pleased to announce that my regular column in SpeechTek Magazine, "Industry View," won my category's silver medal. (Here's a link to my articles and other appearances in the magazine.)

My thanks to SpeechTek Magazine for their continuing support and encouragement, and to ASBPE for their kind recognition.

Fri, 2009-May-22, 09:29

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Cluecon Keynote

I'd like to quote the fine people at Cluecon:

Dr. Moshe Yudkowsky will once again kick things off with the opening talk on Tuesday morning. Moshe is very energetic and really gets the crowd going. Stay tuned for more information as we wait for Dr. Yudkowsky to give us his topic.

I swear I'll send them the topic as soon as I figure out what it is... that is, after I send my latest article off to SpeechTek Magazine.

Tue, 2009-Jan-20, 12:33

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Silence (and Cheaper Rooms) at eComm

For once I'm attending a conference without speaking — from the podium, that is. I certainly intend to pay careful attention to the talks and to allocate generous dollops of time for networking.

The eComm conference schedule and registration is here. I have a discount code which ought to get you 10% off the registration: YFEDHW5E. Oh, and sometime in the next 24 hours it ought to be fixed, but the room rate has now dropped to just $159 per night (instead of $189 per night as listed on the web site and with the call centers).

Mon, 2008-Sep-15, 09:41

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Irresponsible Reporting: What Chapter 11 Means

This post is by way of a public service announement. Market Watch, a financial news site which should know better, writes in a story summary that "Lehman Brothers Holdings is closing its doors." I've seen other variations on this theme.

Lehman filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which means that Lehman will seek to continue to do business, reorganize, and emerge from bankruptcy. I don't know if they'll suceed, but Chapter 11 is a far cry from going out of business.